What are the dogs doing off season?

A frequently asked question in the winter season is what our dogs do off season. Most important of all, they get a rest! Most of our dogs run close to 4000 km in the season, even 5000 if you count autumn training as well. They deserve a rest, to gain some weight and to recover muscles and tendons. Although they do like to have a rest, socialising is an on-going process.

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End of season greetings

Spring has arrived and the sun is melting the snow away, but the surroundings still look like winter here.
Although the situation in the world abruptly ended season 2019-2020, the last guided tour was little over a month ago, we can look back at another wonderful winter full of highlights.

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Season impressions photo gallery

This winter season time seems to fly again very quick.
As usually we have moved our office on the trail and we are more looking at fluffly husky butts than at laplatop's screens.
We had all sort of weather: snowy, proper Lapland cold temperatures of -30C and bellow, blizzards and sunny days.
To not mention days in a row with amazing Northern Lights, lunches on camp fires on the trail and cabin life with sauna and tales around the fireplace.

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Welcome Sun!

The Sun is back and the Polar Night is over!
And we are happy about this.
After almost six weeks when the sun was resting below the horizon line, we have got to see it again firstly on the 2nd of January, in Kiruna. But Kiruna is higher situated than our kennel and this is why those who live in the city get to experience its return a few days before us.

But today was our turn to enjoy the sunrise on the trail, in the middle of nowhere. It made a grandious appearence, like usualy. The guide and the group stopped to give it a proper salute.

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Baking Christmas Cookies for our guests

Two days ago we had a bit of social baking day.
The guides baked Christmas cookies for our guests at the Mushers Lodge.
So if you happen to visit us around Christmas time, you can have a taste of these cookies.
There are enough left but is not a bad idea to hurry up!

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Kira and Kuosko

As we have promised, this blog is about Kira (female) and Kuosko (male), the youngest pupps in our kennel, of 11 weeks.

Today we had puppies training. We do it every two days. The puppies training has more components but today we were focusing on name training. Kuosko and Kira were responding very well when called.
We let them expore the surrondings and play in the new snow.

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Season start! 2018-2019

We have officially started the season at White Trail Adventures. The guides have been renewing the first aid courses and our first groups already enjoyed some dog sledding.
We have less snow compared to the previous years, but it is possible to mush. We are looking forward to a bit more snow tho.
Thanks to our guide Rémi for the most recent pictures from the trails!

The next blog will introduce you to puppy training with our super cute puppies Kira and Kuosko of 9 months old. Dont miss!

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Great impressions of season 2016/2017... Jonas Borinski!

The brother of Jan did a great job! Enjoy the video of our current winter:


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Prepared for the season!

All ready and set for the season to come! We just opened our trails and all guides had a first aid training just in case. It does not harm to be updated in those things. :)

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Gorgeous start into the season 2016/2017!

Just in time the snow arrived for our first tours this season. Very exiting for everyone including the dogs... ;)
Looking forward to a great winter to come!

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