3 Daytour by Dogsled

A 3 day dogsledtour to explore the tundra area surrounding WTA's Basecamp.

3 day tundra tour by dogsled

A wonderful tour to experience Europe’s Last Wilderness. Being out on a dogsled for three days gives you the opportunity to explore everything this taiga area has to offer in winter.

In this tour you will experience going back-to-basic and you will sleep two nights in our basic wilderness cabin at the other side of the river Torneälven, where we don’t have electricity or running water. The perfect tour for those who want to be out in the wilderness for just a couple of days!

Besides sledding through the natural beauty of the snow-white landscape, we might have the opportunity to witness the local inhabitants like reindeer and moose in their natural environment. On cloudless day we regularly see the northern lights. Since our wilderness cabin is situated next to a lake, there will be enough space for everyone to enjoy this magical coloured movement in the sky.

You will have your own sleddog team with 4 dogs. An enjoyable part of this experience is personally taking care of the dogs, including their daily feeding. By the lack of electricity in our wilderness cabin, candles will provide light and fires of native wood provide the heat. Breakfast, dinner and lunch is included for the time of your trip. In the cabins we have gas-heated stoves to cook our meals, but lunch will usually be prepared outside along the trail.

Prior to the tour. Arrival at Kiruna airport/railway station and transfer to our home base (with running water and electricity). Here you will have your first dinner.

Day 1. After breakfast your guide will outline the tour for you and provide you with necessary information, also checking that nobody left important things at home. All necessary outer layers of clothes will be handed over to you including shoes. With a small bag of all the things you need on tour, you are now ready to start the adventure.
You will get to know the basics of dogsledding, handling the sled, harnessing your own dogs and other knowledge for a safe and enjoyable tour. Then, ready for the journey, we pack our sleds and take off towards our wilderness lodge. After arrival we will together take care of the dogs, get water from a little creek and prepare dinner. A nice sauna rounds up the day.

Day 2. Today we have a full day on the dogsled in which we can explore the surrounding area. We will go through the forest, over frozen swamp, lakes or rivers, depending on the route. Route and length depend on the weather, trail conditions and wishes of the group, so distances can vary between 30 and 45 km. Since we will return to our wilderness cabin we don’t need to take much in the sled.

Day 3. Another full day of dogsledding will take us back to the Musher’s Lodge (WTA’s Basecamp) on the other side of the river Torneälven. Here, you say goodbye to your team of four-legged friends and your guide. A warm shower is welcoming you and dinner will be cooked for you.

After the tour. After breakfast it is time to say good bye to everyone, your adventure ends at the airport or railway station, but the memories of this exclusive travel experience you will take with you.

Duration: 3 days of dogsledding / 2 nights in the wildernesscabin and 2 nights at our guesthouse

This tour we run from beginning of December to middle of April.

  • Transfers from and to Kiruna airport or train station
  • Additional winter clothing (overall, hat, mittens, winterboots) and equipment
  • Sleeping bag
  • full board
  • 2 overnight stays at our guesthouse
  • 2 overnight stays in wilderness camps
  • Thermal underwear, both long-johns as well as longsleeved shirt
  • Warm pullovers
  • Several pairs of warm socks
  • Fingergloves
  • Suncreme and sunglasses (for departures in March and April)
  • An extra pair of shoes to wear in the cabins in the evening
  • Rucksack or duffle bag (suitcases don´t fit into the sleds)
  • Scarves / buff, preferably two
  • Maybe a good book to read in the evenings
  • A liner for the sleeping bags in the cabins and a headtorch
  • A travel towel to use in the sauna
  • Plasticfree, ecological soap. We sell them in the Musher's Lodge

Please keep in mind not to bring clothing made of cotton, as cotton does not keep you warm. This is especially important when it comes to socks and thermal underwear! The higher the wool content the better!

Our scheduled departures and prices you find under"Dates and Prices"

Additional departures for groups we offer on request - please contact us!