3 Day Snowmobile Tour (Tundra Tour)

3 day snowmobile tour through the tundra area of Swedish Lapland.

3 day Snowmobile Tour (Tundra Tour)

On this tour you discover the variety of Lapland´s landscape. The trail leads through forest areas, over the tundra regions north of Kiruna up to the mountains close to the Norwegian border. Meet the sami people with their reindeers on the way and get to know interesting things about their past and present culture.

Day 1: Arrival at Kiruna airport/railway station and transfer to our home base (with running water and electricity). Here you will have your first dinner and your guide will outline the tour for you and hand out some extra clothing (overall, boots, mittens and hat), also checking that nobody left important things at home.

Day 2: After breakfast you will get all the important security- and operating instructions about handling snowmobiles. Then you will start your tour with a 100 km ride to the sami-village „Soppero“ which is a very small village northeast from Kiruna. This route will give a first glimpse of the incredible size and beauty of Lapland´s forest areas with countless frozen rivers and lakes. In Soppero you spend the night in the camp of a sami family. They are very happy to tell you all that you want to know about reindeer herding and their native sami culture.

Day 3: From Soppero we will continue the tour over „Järämä“ to the destination „Kamas“.This day will be app. 100 – 120 km long and the trail will lead us first through big birch tree areas but then higher up above the treeline to the high-plateaus of the tundra. We will spend the night in a basic cabin (without running water or electricity) with a fantastic view towards the Norwegian mountains! Here we have great possibilities to try our luck in ice-fishing for arctic-char.

Day 4: Today we will leave the higher areas again and head, along the mighty Torne-river valley, back to our home base (app.100km). Optional you can visit the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi in the afternoon, which is located only 6 km away from our home base.

Day 5: Departure

This tour we do from the 01st of March to 15th of April

Departures: On request, min. two participants

General information: The minumum age for this tour is 18 years and a valid car or motorbike drivers licence. Every guest will drive his own snowmobile. In case of damage we have an excess fee from up to 6.000 SEK!

  • Transfers from and to Kiruna airport or train station
  • Additional winter clothing (overall, hat, mittens, winterboots) and equipment
  • Sleeping bag
  • full board
  • 2 overnight stays at our guesthouse
  • 2 overnight stays in wilderness camps
  • Thermal underwear, both long-johns as well as longsleeved shirt
  • Warm pullovers
  • Several pairs of warm socks
  • Fingergloves
  • Suncreme and sunglasses
  • An extra pair of shoes to wear in the cabins in the evening
  • Rucksack or duffle bag (suitcases don´t relly fit into the sleds)
  • Scarves / buff
  • Maybe a good book to read in the evenings
  • A liner for the sleeping bags in the cabins and a headtorch
  • A travel towel to use in the sauna
  • Plasticfree, ecological soap. We sell them in the Musher's Lodge

Please keep in mind not to bring clothing made of cotten, as cotten does not keep you warm. This is especially important when it comes to socks and thermal underwear! The higher the wool content the better!

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