White Trail Adventures Sustainable Development Plan

Implementing a comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) was always a part of our business plans and vision when we decided to launch White Trail Adventure in 2010. Our vision was to integrate environmental protection, better natural resources management, husky dogs’ welfare, better support for the team in doing the best work with safety of all parties in mind in a big plan to be implemented on daily basis like any other work task.
This is a permanent process and commitment, not a one-time project and we are pleased to announce we started to implement the SPD last season. Its implementation requires resources: time, expertise in sustainability and financial and human resources. For a micro-business like White Trail Adventures this is a considerable effort that we, as business owners, are committed to. It is at the same time an effort that cannot be achieved without the support of our team, business partners and without our guests. Thank you all in advance for your part.

Our vision, mission and policy areas on sustainability are already published.