First Snow

Yeah, the first snow came like a surprise. Of course, it did. Like EVERY year. You`re still in " summer mode" , and all of a sudden everything is white.
The dogs were quite excited as well about the first snow!

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Autumn Training

First too warm...then sometimes cooler...then warm again ..then icy rain...It was a great, but a little unpredictable autum, so far. But now we finally got some progress with our dog training!

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Impressions of our daily work

Watch this short movie to get some impressions about our daily work and wintertime in Swedish Lapland.

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Website Relaunch

It really was quite a great deal of inside work, but now we proudly present you our website in a totally new design! We really hope you appreciate and enjoy to check it out, specially the loads of new pics we put on it!

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Autumn impressions

We had one of the most amazing autums for years! Crystal clear, sunny days combined with the colourful taiga forest... just great.

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First Northern lights seen!

After a beautiful summer under the midnightsun, it`s now getting darker again. And last night we saw the first, awesome northern light back again! The best sign, that the winter is approaching with large steps...

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