Autumn Workout!

Dogs are happily running again and prepared for the winter! Just still waiting for the snow to come...

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And Summer again!

After a great winter season ( where we unfortunately, or actually rather fortunately don`t have much time to post a lot :-)), summer came along, even up here in the north.
This summers main project is rebuilding the remaining old dog yards. And we made some progress, so far! The dogs will be happy to move in very soon.
But there is, of course, also time to walk the puppies, some boating and fishing...and just enjoying the very short summer!

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This was the view on our yard, yesterday morning!

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Farewell to a great summer

It has been a busy, but really great summer. Warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, never ending days under the midnight sun have provided the perfect conditions for our summer occupation. Between continuing to rebuild our dog yards, we have been able to do beautiful hikes up to the mountains areas, sometimes under the midnight sun, sometimes still with some snow at the end of june, ...

Thank´s to all volunteers, friends and family that have supported us during the last months!

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Yep, welcome to the club.

Yep, welcome to the club: Fynn, Franka, Freya, Frodo and Frida( somewhere else).
Beginning of March our new puppies jumped into our world.
With the awesome parents Ika and Morris they got the perfect mix.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A bit late but not to late. We wish all of you Merry Christmas and we want to thank all our guest for the great year 2013. It was wonderful with all of you and we had a great start into the new season. Furthermore we wish you a great wintertime an good start into and a happy the New Year 2014.

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Awesome start into season 2013/2014

We have so many different tours going right now, that we have unfortunately not that much time to post a lot...
But it was a GREAT start into the season!! Awesome snow conditions and awesome people joining us!
We are looking forward to the next months...

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Lots of Snow

NICE! Finally we have enough snow to be able to take the sleds out, for the first time this season! It`s quiet a relief not have to sit on the ATV any longer.
And in a couple of days with minus 10 it will be possilble to cross the Torne river.

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First Snow

Yeah, the first snow came like a surprise. Of course, it did. Like EVERY year. You`re still in " summer mode" , and all of a sudden everything is white.
The dogs were quite excited as well about the first snow!

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Autumn Training

First too warm...then sometimes cooler...then warm again ..then icy rain...It was a great, but a little unpredictable autum, so far. But now we finally got some progress with our dog training!

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