King winter is reigning the country and gives us so many beautiful, cold days. During the day our faces are lit by the rays of the sun while in the evening our eyes pop out because of the stunning light spectacle of the aurora borealis. This is winter at its best.

Being out on these days, whether with the dogs or on the snowmobile, will certainly give you the best what this winter wonderland can offer. Smooth trails make it easier for the dogs to run and give the musher the opportunity to enjoy the scenery to the fullest. Nowadays we spot quite some wildlife on the tours. Many moose have been seen in the forests next to the trails and during one of our long-distance snowmobile tours the guests witnessed a herd of migrating reindeer. Yesterday we even saw a fox on the trail close to our kennel. While we are still in the middle of winter, we can see that nature is preparing for the spring to come.

With just a couple of tours in the bookings we keep on training the dogs for the (mountain) tours in the planning. Most of the tours this year are booked on short notice and we are grateful with all the guests that find their way to us. Those guests, and certainly not to forget to mention all the people that support us in many other ways, help us to keep the business running in these strange times.
So, thank you all and we are looking forward to welcome you here for white trail adventures!

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