Last November WTA freelance guide and International Mountain Leader Jeffry Oonk asked the company if it would be possible to take some dogs and go for a four-week expedition on the Vitabandet. A distance of around 1300 km between Grovelsjön in the south and Sweden’s northernmost point Treriksröset, where the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Months of preparation followed and on the 18th of March Jef, accompanied by WTA-guide Evy, started their journey with sixteen WTA dogs. Evy is running with Tjäktja, Zuko (both her own dogs), Mimmi, Hannah, Emil, Kiwi, Leo and Jojo, while Jef is forming a team with Bamse, Gia, Nallo, Singi, Fox, Juno, Jokki and Simon.
Despite of high temperatures, areas with almost no snow and days with a lot of wind, they are enjoying the adventure and the dogs as well.

We have just received the following message from Evy about day 8 of the expedition.
”If you would think dogs can't speak, you would say differently after I saw what we saw yesterday morning.
After an amazing nightride we decided to sleep and rest shortly, and continue a little bit more in the morning. The warm temperatures in the daytime makes us travel at night. I love these nightrides, filled with moonlight, a sudden blink of northern lights. I bet the dogs love it too. Smooth trails to run fast, the seductive smell of a mysterious animal and cold air to breathe into the lungs. What else to wish for?
But a morning ride is something else... Next morning after a humble four hours of sleep, the sun just peeped over the trees.
When we woke up the dogs they said impeccably clearly: are you out of your mind? NOW? Go and pull that things yourself if you see badly insist.
We didn't listen, though.
We fed, harnessed the dogs, wrapped our stuff and went. It became very clear however, that this day was not a good day. After just 10 km, we build up camp and went back to bed. It's an awesome camp. Beautifully surrounded by mountains, we are on a small hilltop between a few trees, and a whirling small creek just below. A small frozen lake is close: the pack runs and plays free around us to stretch their stiff legs. The sun is warm on our faces, healing our tiredness. Not a bad spot to rest! Let's get ready for tomorrow, to explore the coming trails and head out for new adventures!”

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