Without a doubt we can say that this year is most likely going into the books as the most challenging year in the history of the company! In spring when we had a lot of snow we were lacking customers, right now it seems the opposite. Although snow had been predicted quite some times, it was always less then announced or not falling at all. Nevertheless, we are really happy with all the snow we have and it is just enough to go back on the sledges and drive the trails we love to take in winter.

Although the dogs have been trained by quadbike, which we still do, being on the sledge gives different routines to the dogs. The trails are different, we sled more through the forest, with all its distractions, and the dogs have to get used to the long breaks in the middle of the tour. Not always easy for the young dogs that runs their first season. Mario, almost one and a half year old and working in his first tours, is still a bit restless in the break and calms himself with a spot on the sled. Other dogs are so routined that they just lay down and enjoy the break.
And when we don't have guests we take a tour ourselves and enjoy a coffee made on the fire somewhere in the arctic tundra. A good training for the dogs and a nice working day for us!

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