Already from since the were little critters, Cella and some of her brothers and sisters like to collect all kind of things to make their dogyards look more interesting. Often letting us in surprise were they have found such things. By keeping them as rewards and showing us proudly what they have found, we were always able to take it out of the cages before it would do any harm. So, after nine years of collecting things and leaving them in the dogyard, we were really surprised that one of Cella's treasures ended up in her stomach this time. The leftovers of a clip collar, which we don't use in the company, were found inside of her. Very unlucky a thread had folded the intestines together like an accordion, resulting in a very sick dog which needed to have en emergency surgery. When things like this happen, we are so glad that all our dogs are insured and so grateful for all of the sponsorships we have received in the last past months. So, a big thank you for all of you who are supporting us in our work and dream.

We are very happy to mention that Cella is doing really fine after the surgery and enjoying the recovery life inside together with oldie Refat. It is always amazing to see how quickly the dogs recover from sickness or surgery. Cella still needs to stay inside for a bit longer, at least until the wound is healed and the fur has grown back on her belly. But that is not a problem for her. She always has liked to be a pet dog in the evening, besides the work during the day. And I must say, she is a great company while doing office work.

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