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Season start! 2018-2019

We have officially started the season at White Trail Adventures. The guides have been renewing the first aid courses and our first groups already enjoyed some dog sledding.
We have less snow compared to the previous years, but it is possible to mush. We are looking forward to a bit more snow tho.
Thanks to our guide Rémi for the most recent pictures from the trails!

The next blog will introduce you to puppy training with our super cute puppies Kira and Kuosko of 9 months old. Dont miss!

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Autumn Workout!

Dogs are happily running again and prepared for the winter! Just still waiting for the snow to come...

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And Summer again!

After a great winter season ( where we unfortunately, or actually rather fortunately don`t have much time to post a lot :-)), summer came along, even up here in the north.
This summers main project is rebuilding the remaining old dog yards. And we made some progress, so far! The dogs will be happy to move in very soon.
But there is, of course, also time to walk the puppies, some boating and fishing...and just enjoying the very short summer!

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This was the view on our yard, yesterday morning!

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Farewell to a great summer

It has been a busy, but really great summer. Warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, never ending days under the midnight sun have provided the perfect conditions for our summer occupation. Between continuing to rebuild our dog yards, we have been able to do beautiful hikes up to the mountains areas, sometimes under the midnight sun, sometimes still with some snow at the end of june, ...

Thank´s to all volunteers, friends and family that have supported us during the last months!

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Autumn impressions

We had one of the most amazing autums for years! Crystal clear, sunny days combined with the colourful taiga forest... just great.

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First Northern lights seen!

After a beautiful summer under the midnightsun, it`s now getting darker again. And last night we saw the first, awesome northern light back again! The best sign, that the winter is approaching with large steps...

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