Welcome to White Trail Adventures!

White Trail Adventures is a young but steadily growing company, that offers a range of outdoor activities in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

Everything started in 2002 when we came to northern Sweden for the first time and started to work with sleddogs. We fell in love with these amazing animals and the beautiful landscape and after working in different places and for different tour operators, we decided in 2004 to settle in Kiruna. Another 6 years we worked for one of the oldest and biggest sleddog kennel in Kiruna, until the company was devided and we got the chance to continue with or own company as "White Trail Adventures".

We operate in an area often descriebed as "Europe´s last wilderniss" that reaches from the huge forest areas and taiga landscape around Kiruna, to the more northern tundra areas and the mountain regions around Mt. Kebnekaise and the Abisko National Park. We prefer to work with small groups, which gives us the chance to travel with our clients along routes that are "of the beaten track". With a diverse and comprehensive range of tours, open to individual needs and wishes, we want to make the adventure "Lapland" available for everyone. So don´t hesitate to contact us for your tailor made holiday.

Our homebase and kennel is located in Kauppinen / Kiruna, about 200 km above the arctic circle. We welcome our guests in a familiar atmosphere at our guesthouse "Mushers Lodge" from where our tours start. Along the trail beautifully situated, cozy wilderness camps, without running water or electricity, add alot to the spirit of the tours. Our professional guides have many years of experience with outdoor activities as dogsledding, snowmobiling, fishing and rafting. They are happy to guide you on a safe and enjoyable journey through Lapland´s nature and share their experience with you.

For us the passion for sleddogs, snowmobiles, fishing and hiking - simply for being outside - is not just a job. It´s a lifestyle we choose to life! Follow us on one of our tours and you will know why!

Meet the Team


Owner / Guide / Musher

"In Germany I studied sports and English. But already during my time at university I got in contact with sleddogs, when I took a 12 months-break to work in northern Sweden in 2002. Dogsledding is known to be a strongly contagious business and so also me came back to Sweden in 2004 and settled here permanently. Since then I was working for the same company year round and took care of the huskies, logistic and organsisation of our tour arrangements.
Now I´m happy to bring in all experiences made during those years into our own company, to provide unforgettable holidays for our guests"


Owner / Guide / Musher

"I came to Sweden in beginning of 2001 to make my first experiences with sleddogs. Before I used to work as a lumberjack and forestworker in Germany. In my first 1,5 years in Lapland, I made my first steps in the dogsledding business in several different kennels before I started to work in Kiruna permanently. Since then I was working as a guide all year round and responsible for about 70 dogs. Now I made the even bigger step to take over a part of the former company, just to continue what I´ve always enjoyed so much - beeing with my husky-buddys and share my fun with them with people who`d like to have just a good time out here!"


Guide / Musher

I am a biologist from The Netherlands, guiding hiking tours in summertime. Since my first husky longtour in 2012 I wanted to become a musher. In the search for the perfect winterjob I have found my place at WTA where I can combine my passion for nature, dogs and people. In the summer I spend a lot of times outdoors with my husky Vilja. In winter she is also working for WTA. l am looking forward to meeting you!


Guide / Musher

My love for dogs grew bigger and bigger as I was growing up as a child. Training Border Collies for sheep herding in summer and driving sled dog in winter is the dream combination for me.


Guide / Musher

In the winter you will find me mushing in Lapland and when at the end of the season I move to Svalbard where I guide summer activities. When I have some time off I like to spend it in places like Siberia, in Caucasus, deserts or in my home country, France.



Guide / Musher

I came to Sweden in May of 2021. I felt it was time for a change, quit my job and left the Netherlands to travel North. This summer I visited WTA and immediately liked the place, dogs and people. I’ve been learning and experiencing new things daily since I started and I like it very much. I’ve done some outdoor courses in recent years and now I’m here gaining experience. In summer I like traveling and all kinds of outdoor activities. Making pictures and videos is also a hobby.