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News of the Vitabandet

Last November WTA freelance guide and International Mountain Leader Jeffry Oonk asked the company if it would be possible to take some dogs and go for a four-week expedition on the Vitabandet. A distance of around 1300 km between Grovelsjön in the south and Sweden’s northernmost point Treriksröset, where the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Months of preparation followed and on the 18th of March Jef, accompanied by WTA-guide Evy, started their journey with sixteen WTA dogs.

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Winter wonderland

King winter is reigning the country and gives us so many beautiful, cold days. During the day our faces are lit by the rays of the sun while in the evening our eyes pop out because of the stunning light spectacle of the aurora borealis. This is winter at its best.

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Season impressions photo gallery

This winter season time seems to fly again very quick.
As usually we have moved our office on the trail and we are more looking at fluffly husky butts than at laplatop's screens.
We had all sort of weather: snowy, proper Lapland cold temperatures of -30C and bellow, blizzards and sunny days.
To not mention days in a row with amazing Northern Lights, lunches on camp fires on the trail and cabin life with sauna and tales around the fireplace.

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