News of the Vitabandet

Last November WTA freelance guide and International Mountain Leader Jeffry Oonk asked the company if it would be possible to take some dogs and go for a four-week expedition on the Vitabandet. A distance of around 1300 km between Grovelsjön in the south and Sweden’s northernmost point Treriksröset, where the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Months of preparation followed and on the 18th of March Jef, accompanied by WTA-guide Evy, started their journey with sixteen WTA dogs.

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Winter wonderland

King winter is reigning the country and gives us so many beautiful, cold days. During the day our faces are lit by the rays of the sun while in the evening our eyes pop out because of the stunning light spectacle of the aurora borealis. This is winter at its best.

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End of season greetings

Spring has arrived and the sun is melting the snow away, but the surroundings still look like winter here.
Although the situation in the world abruptly ended season 2019-2020, the last guided tour was little over a month ago, we can look back at another wonderful winter full of highlights.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A bit late but not to late. We wish all of you Merry Christmas and we want to thank all our guest for the great year 2013. It was wonderful with all of you and we had a great start into the new season. Furthermore we wish you a great wintertime an good start into and a happy the New Year 2014.

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Awesome start into season 2013/2014

We have so many different tours going right now, that we have unfortunately not that much time to post a lot...
But it was a GREAT start into the season!! Awesome snow conditions and awesome people joining us!
We are looking forward to the next months...

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Lots of Snow

NICE! Finally we have enough snow to be able to take the sleds out, for the first time this season! It`s quiet a relief not have to sit on the ATV any longer.
And in a couple of days with minus 10 it will be possilble to cross the Torne river.

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First Snow

Yeah, the first snow came like a surprise. Of course, it did. Like EVERY year. You`re still in " summer mode" , and all of a sudden everything is white.
The dogs were quite excited as well about the first snow!

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