Special Tour: the Life of the Musher

During this day you will truly feel like a Musher! Get a complete introduction into what it means and maybe, after this day, you will even know where the word 'Musher' came from.
Our lodge has a long history and your guide will tell you all about it.
The most special on this tour however, is that you will be surrounded by a pack of 10 - 15 free running dogs who absolutly love your attention. Learn about dog behaviour in the pack, psychology and different characteristics. Our puppies and oldies are ofcourse always happy with some cuddle.
After you get an explanation how to drive the sled and harnass your own team, we set off on the trail. We drive to our coffeeplace, make a fire and a well-deserved lunch. After we explore some more trails. Back to the kennel, you feed your own dogs and put them back in the doghouse, where they will enjoy a well-deserved rest.