Sponsoring our dogs

Our huskies are the heart of the company. We offer them a nice and friendly home with enough space to roam and socialise. The dogs live with two or sometimes three dogs in separate kennels, and our yard is divided in three areas, which all have their own free run. Here, the dogs can run around, play, jump, dig and search, all important (social) dog behaviour. We feed the dogs food that is specially developed for sled dogs and their needs, so that our dogs are fit and well for the work they do in winter. Every dog is different and we have a good eye for the individuals, resulting in dogs wearing different harnesses than the standard ones or having different food because of allergies. All our dogs have an insurance. When our hardworking dogs get retired we preferably keep them on the yard, where they can live a happy retirement life among their pack.

Sponsoring our dogs

With a sponsorship you will contribute to all the things mentioned above, so we can give our dogs a happy and healthy life in the time they are with us. There are different forms of sponsoring, divided in different type of dogs: puppies and retired dogs and working dogs. The sponsoring of our working dogs is also divided is three classes: water, snow and ice. All sponsorships are lasting for one year and for all sponsorships you will get the following.

  • Certificate with dog’s name and picture.
  • Your name on our website, together with your dog. Only if you like, if not we will mention that the dog is already being sponsored.
  • Kennel visit and walk with ‘your’ dog in summer or autumn.

Terms and conditions of sponsoring our dogs

Sponsoring our dogs come with some terms and conditions which are listed underneath.

  • As a sponsor you don't have any obligations or rights in relation to White Trail Adventures and the dogs.
  • The sponsorship is valid for one year. After one year you can renew your sponsorship.
  • The voucher is valid for 5 years, for one person and one tour.
  • The discount on the voucher is not cummulative. The voucher is not bound to a name, but has a unique vouchercode. Therefore, it will be possible to give a voucher to a friend or relative.
  • The voucher can only be used as a discount on our tours. It cannot be exchanged for money.
  • In case the dog dies during the sponsorship, the donation cannot be refunded, but it will used for the welfare of the other dogs at the kennel.


There are two groups of dogs that can be sponsored. We have the puppies and retired dogs and the working dogs. Underneath you will find the different kind of sponsoring and their additional benefits for you

Puppies and retired sleddogs
This sponsoring includs the dogs that are not running tours yet, because they are still too young or dogs that are not running tours anymore, because they are retired. We would like the puppies to develop strong and healthy for their working life to come. At the same time, ee would like to give our oldies the most happy and healthy retirement life possible. With this sponsoring you contribute to our wish to give our youngsters a good start in their working life or our oldies a happy retirement life.


  • 700 SEK

What will you get?

  • All the things mentioned above in the sponsoring

Have a look at our Puppies and retired dogs

Retired Dog

Working dogs
With this sponsoring you will sponsor the dogs that run on tours. All their working years we would like our dogs to stay strong and healthy and provide them with the best care when they get ill or wounded. You can help us with that. The adult sponsoring comes in three forms: water, snow and ice.


  • Adult water: 1.000 SEK
  • Adult snow: 1.600 SEK
  • Adult ice: 3.000 SEK

What will you get?

  • All the things mentioned above in the sponsoring
  • Discount on our tours with Adult Snow and Adult Ice.
  • We will always try to have your dog on tour with you, but of course this is dependent on the dog's health at that time or if the dog is still able to run the tour you have booked. We will always try to arrange some time with your dog in case the dog cannot come on tour with you.

With sponsoring a working dog, you will get a discount on the tour you book. We make a distinction in shorter tours and longer tours.
Shorter tours are the following tours: coffeetours, daytours and overnights.
Longer tours are the following tours: 3-day tours, Laplandweekend, weektours and mountaintours.
Discount on our Treriksröset tour is only possible with a Adult Ice sponsorship.

  • Adult Water: All the things mentioned above in the sponsoring.
  • Adult Snow: 10% discount on shorter tours or 5 % discount on longer tours.
  • Adult ice: 20% discount on shorter tours or 10 % discount on longer tours or 5% discount on the Treriksröset tour.
  • Have a look at our Working dogs.

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