A frequently asked question in the winter season is what our dogs do off season. Most important of all, they get a rest! Most of our dogs run close to 4000 km in the season, even 5000 if you count autumn training as well. They deserve a rest, to gain some weight and to recover muscles and tendons. Although they do like to have a rest, socialising is an on-going process.

People, that have been visiting us in winter have seen that our yard is divided in three parts. It is obligated by law in Sweden to have at least one free-run in the yard and we are proud to have a free-run in each part of our kennel. So, all our dogs can have a run, sniff and play while they are not working. It is also very important to their social behaviour. New puppies kan be introduced in the group in the free-run, as well as dogs that come from other kennels. In this way the dogs are getting to know each other in order to have less tension in the winter season. Socialising among dogs is really important to keep the harmony in the pack. Often it is a nice workout for our employees and helpers as well.
But beside all these activities, our dogs really enjoy laying in the sun and doing nothing as well.

In this blog are some impressions of the dogs in the freerun. Can you spot your favourite dog?