As we have promised, this blog is about Kira (female) and Kuosko (male), the youngest pupps in our kennel, of 11 weeks.

Today we had puppies training. We do it every two days. The puppies training has more components but today we were focusing on name training. Kuosko and Kira were responding very well when called.
We let them expore the surrondings and play in the new snow.

They are a bit shy when meeting adult dogs they do not know, which is normal. Very important is that those adult dogs they meet to be kind to them, to create a positive memory.
Everything is training in the end.

Their mother, Becky was following to help us with the training, mostly for the comfort factor of the puppies since we took them on a part where they haven´t been before.
They trust their mom. Mommy trusts us and so it goes. Daddy Akki was not present because he was at work, on a multi-day tour.
He is a smart lead dog.

Kira and Kuosko are definitely not shy att all when comes about stealing gloves.

After playing in the lots of snow that fall overnight and this morning, the puppies took a good nap.

PS: Kira means little sparkling diamont and Kuosko mean emperor of the vast arctic. With good genes and a good name, these puppies are going to become good sled dogs.
To identify them: Kuosko is light grey and with more white on the face.