Our two youngest guys, born in the middle of the summer, are growing bigger and bigger. Two totally different guys, not only in looks, but also in behaviour. Noah, a totally white dog, with, unfortunately almost no fur, was already very brave and social with other dogs at a very young age, while Nacho, with a good fur, rather observed first, before acting. Watching those little critters grow up to full-fledged sled dogs is a wonderful journey. Every age, every stage of development has something new to bring and observe. The first ten days we were really curious about the colors of their eyes, which turn out blue in both dogs, while later we watch the social interaction more closely. Now they are almost three months old and while the other dogs are training in front of the quad in order to get prepared for the winter, those guys' training is roaming with one of us and listening to their name. So they are lucky to come with us berry picking and searching for mushrooms in this wonderful autumn. Extra training for Noah will be getting used to a jacket, cause that is something he will definitely need in winter.
Next year these guys will be running in front of the quad in this time of the year, but this winter their main job will be being social and cuddle with our guests.