Spring has arrived and the sun is melting the snow away, but the surroundings still look like winter here.
Although the situation in the world abruptly ended season 2019-2020, the last guided tour was little over a month ago, we can look back at another wonderful winter full of highlights.

In this relatively warm winter we could quite often witness the iridescent clouds on our tours. This beautiful phenomenon is caused by small ice crystals individually scattering light and showing all colours of the rainbow. A wonderful painting in the sky of which some of our guests thought it was even better that northern lights.

Due to heavy snowfall this winter, many of our guests had the great opportunity to witness Lapland’s natural inhabitants, moose and reindeer. Often we saw them close to the trails searching for food, as the snow in the forest was too much to reach their food. Also a nice benefit for our dogs, who where happy to dig in the snow to find some of Lapland’s dog delicacy, reindeerpoo.
Lots of snow also means lots of fun with the snowmobiles, but better know how to drive or take the risk to kiss the snow. Although driving through deep snow is not the easiest, the sceneries are magical.

Our dogs have been in a very good shape the whole winter and very eager to run. The oldies were always very happy to come on the short tours and our youngsters barked with excitement and desire to wear that harness one day to come.

We would like to thank all of our guests for their wonderful contribution to the tours and taking good care of our four-legged family. We had a great winter with you!
We regret the fact that our guests in april were not able to come this year, but we hope to welcome them in the near future.

On the positive side, ending the season early did have some benefits for us personally. Since the trails were still in perfect condition and we didn’t want the dogs to stop running ‘cold turkey’, we were able to do some tours on our own. A privilege which we normally don’t have. And because of this we had our traditional end-of-season-bbq at our wilderness cabin in Väkkärä, where we went by dogs or snowmobiles.

We already had the opportunity to start training our youngest dogs, from which they will benefit in the autumn training. They will be ready for running tours in the next winter.

While writing, the sun is melting the snow and we are cleaning, repairing and preparing for a new season, in which we hope to meet you all again for some new wonderful adventures!

Tack så mycket och vi ses!